Eye care exams in Santa Rosa


We provide eye care exams in the Santa Rosa Costco. We are here for you whether you are looking for a thorough eye exam for glasses, contacts, LASIK or eye health concerns. Bradley I. Hall, OD, PC is an independent optometry office inside the Santa Rosa Costco that provides professional and friendly eye care. You do not need to be a Costco member to be examined by our optometrist.

After the eye examination, our patients are free to take their eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions to the optical of their choosing. Most patients choose to take their prescription to the Costco Optical located next to our office. Costco Optical departments provide a good value on eye care materials and have received many good reviews.

We hope this website will provide you with helpful information that you seek for your vision and eye health. If you need further information or would like to schedule an eye exam, please call our office at (707) 570-2418.


If you have an exam scheduled, please print out the following forms:

Patient Intake & Addendum

Please print out and complete the Patient Intake & Addendum and bring it with you. Please fill out the COVID-19 questions and initials on the day of your exam. Do not send us a photo or scan of the completed forms since email and texts are generally not private and secure.


The following are for your information to help you make informed decisions about your eye care.

Pre-Exam Screening & Dilation. These are two separate options that are not required to work out your eyeglasses or contact lens Rx, and additional fees apply. However, they are very helpful for the doctor to take a much better look at the health of your eyes. The Pre-Exam Screening allows us to look at your retina in ways we cannot even see with the microscope.

If you are wanting us to fit contact lenses, please read the Contact Lens Informed Consent and either the Contact Lens Instructions (Soft) or Contact Lens Instructions (RGP) depending on what type you wear.

Here is our No Show Policy and Privacy Policy.

Please call us if you have any questions: (707) 570-2418

We look forward to seeing you!