Eyeglass Exams in Santa Rosa

eyeglasses-santa-rosaWe provide eyeglass exams in the Santa Rosa Costco. Bradley I. Hall, OD, PC is an independent optometry office inside the Santa Rosa Costco that provides professional and friendly eye exams for eyeglasses, contact lenses, LASIK or eye health concerns. You do not need to be a Costco member to be examined by our optometrist.

After the eyeglasses examination, our patients have the freedom to take their eyeglass prescription to the optical of their choosing. Most patients choose to take their prescription to the Costco Optical located next to our office. Costco Optical departments provide a good value on eye care materials and received the top rating from Consumer Reports during their most recent review of opticals.


There are many options available for eyeglass lenses and frames.

Eyeglass Lenses:

Single Vision: Single vision lenses have one eyeglass power throughout the whole lens. For people with presbyopia (loss of the ability to focus from distance to near) and for other special requirements, it is often necessary to prescribe single vision lenses specifically for far distance, computer, reading or other needs.

Bifocal: Bifocal lenses have two specific eyeglass powers separated by either a straight or curved line. Bifocal lenses are typically prescribed with the top power meant for far distance and the lower power for either computer or reading distance.

Trifocal: Trifocal lenses have three specific eyeglass powers separated by two straight lines. Trifocal lenses are typically prescribed with the top power meant for far distance, the middle section for computer distance, and the lower power for reading distance.

Progressive: Progressive lenses progressively change power from top to bottom. Progressive lenses are typically prescribed with the top power meant for far distance, then they progressively change to the reading distance power near the bottom of the lens. It is necessary to look through the part of the lens that is intended for the distance you want to view. It is also important to realize that the clearest view is straight from top to bottom. The side view, especially in the intermediate zone, is less clear (more distorted) when viewing off center.

Photochromatic: Photochromatic lenses turn darker when exposed to outside light. Many people like the comfort and convenience of these lenses. It is important to know that these lenses do not turn as dark as regular sunglasses in the car since the windshield blocks much of the light that makes these lenses turn darker. It is also important to realize that when driving into tunnels these lenses do not lighten immediately..

Transitions: Transitions is a brand name for plastic photochromatic lenses.

Prism: Prism causes the image direction you are viewing to be changed. This may be needed for someone whose eyes want to be pointed in different directions. Prism changes the image direction so that double vision is less likely to occur.


Eyeglass Frames:

There are a wide variety of shapes and materials avaiable for eyeglass frames. Your optician can help you determine which frame is best suited for your individual needs based on your eyeglass prescription, required lenses and desired style.

For more information about options for eyeglass frames and lenses: AllAboutVision.com - Eyeglasses

If you need further information or would like to schedule an eye exam, please call our office at (707) 570-2418.